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The “Beau Zone Layer” - Temahima “Time and Effort”

The “Beau Zone Layer” - Temahima “Time and Effort”

Yamagata Prefecture

Junmai Daiginjo

SMV: +3.5 Acidity: 1.1


What the heck is a “scratch your head” sake? Basically it’s a brew that makes you think. It literally is a sake where you scratch your head questioning what in the world is going on here? Temahima Junmai Daiginjo is one of those rice and water sakes that tastes so fruity and fruit forward that you ask yourself how in the hell can rice and water taste so fruity? How? (yes… scratch your head as you enjoy the fruity wonder) Fruity sake does not mean sweet sake. Fruity sake does not mean gooey sake. There is a serious art to making sake that has fruity elegance and is balanced perfectly well. Some brewers use a higher acidity to offset the sweetness, whereas this brew has an extremely low San-do or overall acidity. That’s why this brew is such a wonder, and it’s so much fun to explore. It’s also a great sake to give to a “dry” sake fan, who “doesn’t like fruity sakes,” to trick them into enjoying an entire type of sake that folks would ignore if they just stayed true to their, “I only like dry sake” mantra.

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