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Beau-Zone Layer – Fukukomachi “Fair Lady Komachi”

Beau-Zone Layer – Fukukomachi “Fair Lady Komachi”

From Akita Prefecture. 


SMV: +2.5 Acidity: 1.2

One of the silver linings of the totally crappy Covid days was a new relationship with a Los Angeles business called Entertainment Alia Inc., who are the sole importers for a killer sake brewery in Akita Prefecture called Fukukomachi, made by the Kimura Brewery. In a word, they make the definitive Akita sake that is slow in the palate, and extremely flavorful with a quick finish. This Daiginjo milled to 40% drinks like a dream, and it is a great example of this type of Northern Japan sake making. We never had tasted this sake before because they only distribute to restaurants. But during Covid, all of their restaurants were closed. So they asked if we would carry their brews, and we said yes! I just met Mr. Kimura on a trip to Akita last month, and I look forward to visiting their brewery one day. He also gave me a bottle of Junmai Daiginjo called “Kiwami” that was fantastic, and promised that we could carry it next year at True Sake. Until then, you must try this amazing “Fair Lady” that is an elegant and sophisticated ride in the upper echelons of premium Daiginjo sake. You can taste the technique and style of sake making. It’s amazing with lobster, caviar, crab, and sweet shrimp. 

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