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Sake Season – Get Bubbly for New Year’s Eve

Sake Season – Get Bubbly for New Year’s Eve

Who doesn’t like sparkling sake? Seriously? Even my biggest sake snob friends like naturally sparkling sake. Why? Because it’s awesome, and it’s not trying to be like Champagne. Well sort of. There are basically two schools of sparkling sake makers – those who are in the Awa Sparkling Sake Association, and those who are not. The former actually do like to try to emulate very clean and crisp sparkling wines, and the latter don’t fret at all and just let the bubbles do the talking.

There is a sparkling brew for everybody. Some are sweet with very round and creamy bubbles, and some are dry and crisp with very tight and small bubbles. Some are fruity-sweet, some are sugary-sweet, some are sweet-rice-sweet, and some are ricey and dry. The bottom line is that they operate like sparkling wines, and I would argue that they give you less of a headache on January 1st. 

Performance-wise use a Champagne flute to really make those bubbles active and climb the glass. And heck, enjoy pairing your sparkling brews with Champagne fare as well. We love starting the night with sparkling sake! And we actually like cleaning the palate with sparkling brews. Who doesn’t like ringing in the New Year with a foaming glass of rice and water?

We have a lot of sparkling sakes to offer, because we really believe in the segment. It’s actually our third largest and fastest growing segment at True Sake, and that is saying a lot. Herewith is a small spattering of Sparkling Sakes to choose from, and for the complete list please use this link here.
Ichinokura Suzune – This is both Mei’s mom and Beau’s favorite sparkling in the store, as it is creamy and bubbly with a nice citrus sweetness that cleans up the palate. 

Kikuizumi Hitotsuji Junmai – Pound for pound, we think this is the best crossover Champagne-like sparkling sake in the business. It won a trophy at the IWC, and is a clean and crisp killer that will make your flute dance. 

Suehiro Poochi Poochi – which is the Japanese onomatopoeia of bubbles popping and this is the ricey-est of the sparklings to remind you that you are drinking rice and water. The owner of the brewery is on the cap in characterized form.

Gokyo Ne Ne – if you have a sweet tooth and you want to go out on the sweet sparkling limb. this brew is for you, and it’s not THAT sweet. 

Chiyomusubi Sorah – and this has been our most popular sparkling for those who want to go the more professional route with a dryness, complexity, and balance found in sparkling wines.
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