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Aged Sake – A Koshu Tasting Kit That Is Just In Time (For the Holidays)

Aged Sake – A Koshu Tasting Kit That Is Just In Time (For the Holidays)

Who doesn’t love Koshu sake? Wait, what is Koshu sake? You know, it’s sake that has been purposely aged to get better with time, anytime! Some Koshu tastes great after three years, and others taste better further down the road. But it’s all about time! And finally, a Koshu sake set has arrived just in time for the holidays.

In a word, Gifu Prefecture's Shiraki Tsunesuke Shoten, makers of Daruma Masamune, are masters of aged sake. We have been selling their blended Koshu sakes (several different years all blended in one bottle) for almost 20 years (speaking of time). But that 720ml bottle was sort of pricey, and most folks can’t afford to try sakes that are lovingly aged for decades. Until now!
Say hello to an awesome “Aged Sake” sampler that is perfect for home tastings or as special holiday gifts. Each kit contains three 50ml bottles of Daruma Masamune’s 3 Year Jukusei Koshu (15.5%ABV), 5 Year Jukusei Koshu (17.5%), and 10 Year Jukusei Koshu Sake (18.5%).

The colors, aromas, and flavors are out of this world. Pro tip, you can actually blend small portions of these three samples to make your own hand crafted Koshu sake. They are very captivating. We recommend small Sherry or Port glasses to get the full aromatic and tasting experience. After playing around with our samples, we feel that it’s best to do these Koshu sakes at room temperature to get all of that flavor and feeling. Time to get your age on!
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