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Sake Elves : The Team Helps You With Holiday Gift Giving

Sake Elves : The Team Helps You With Holiday Gift Giving

Tick tick tick – You hear it, we all hear it! It’s the Holiday clock ticking away the days left before the holiday gift giving moment of truth. Tick, I’m way too busy – Tick, I’ll do it next week – Tick, I still have time – Tick, maybe they won’t get me a gift so I don’t have to give them one – Tick, what the heck do I give for the Holiday party – Tick, they are so bored with my annual wine gift – Tick, tick, tick (start humming the Queen and David Bowie version of “Under Pressure.”

Stop the madness! It’s not that hard to gift people when you have the best Sake Elves in the business. Let our team of dedicated and professional North Pole Sake Sleuths pick out some easy, tasty, and slam-dunk presents for you and yours this year! And do it quickly! Our shipping schedule to guarantee that sake arrives in time is getting tight! In fact, quickly use the reminders in your phone to order tonight if you don’t do it right now!

So herewith are the best Sake Elves in the business and they are here for you, the smartest gift giver on the planet!
Elf Mei
Looking for something truly unique this holiday? Try this phenomenal brew that is made through very traditional and old school ways, but tastes simply amazing. You won't regret it.

Elf Hiromi
I picked "Dreams Come True." Tired of turkey? Let's try this elegant, fruity, and umami flavored sake with seafood!!  Your dreams will come true then... ❤︎

Elf Chris
The original "Chris's Hit Sake." Classic melon up front with a dry, herbal finish. It's already wrapped in a Japanese newspaper, so you don't have to wrap it yourself. Work smarter not harder. *photo on website shows bottle without newspaper

Elf Jason 
The nose on this bottle screams holiday! Cinnamon, maple syrup, chestnut and persimmons aromas. Couldn’t be more perfect for the holiday season. Enjoy these with anything from grilled meats, fish, or creamy pastas. Cheers.

Elf Shinshin
It has a very pleasant tropical fruit aroma and well-balanced taste. Will definitely elevate your holiday drinking experience.

Elf Chad
Ohmine 2 Grain was a new addition to our repertoire earlier this year and has gained many awards since with its juicy plump flavor evocative of biting into a ripe Japanese honeydew laced with tinges of citrus and mint and aromatic complexity. This is a sake that is made to kick off or finish a meal, introduce to beginners, or gift to sake aficionados.
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