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Mimurosugi Kioke Bodaimoto

first kioke bodai in the store!
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this outstanding example of sake-making is a deep and meaningful collection of sea foam, lime, green apple, mint, whipping cream, custard, yogurt, and banana bread aromas. This sake is made in a very traditional and old-school capacity, but it drinks like one of the most modern and handcrafted sakes in Japan. How? How did those brewing geniuses do that? Smooth, soft, silky, layered, rich, round, fluffy, and totally elegant, you will be baffled and rewarded by technique sake that pushes the envelope of feelings and flavors. There is so much, and yet it is so clean. How? Look for a vast array of key lime pie, melon, mango, simple syrup, white chocolate, Mojito, green apple, Lemonheads™, mint, honeydew, and graham cracker flavors on a super soft flow that has a touch of shibumi and a 14% ABV. WORD: World Class WINE: Vintage Reds/Beefy Whites BEER: Minerally Ales FOODS: The kitchen sink!