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Sake Education – Sake Classes In The Bay Area This Spring

Sake Education – Sake Classes In The Bay Area This Spring

Fifth Taste Sake School, based in San Francisco, is one of the leaders in sake education nationwide. They offer classes with the Sake Sommelier Association as well as the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. Your instructors are Jesse Pugach, founder of Fifth Taste and KJ Rizzo, a wine/sake sommelier (and True Sake staff). Jesse & KJ invite you to ignite your interests this season, take a class, and join the amazing sake community that exists here in California.

Introductory Sake Professional Course 
Saturday 2/24 11am-4pm on Zoom - $300 plus $50 optional tasting kit 

Certified Sake Sommelier Course 
Saturday 3/16 11am-4pm on Zoom
Monday 3/18 & Tuesday 3/19 10am-4pm Bay Area Location TBD - $900

WSET Level 3
Mondays 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/15 (10am-4pm each day) & Exam 4/16 (10am-1pm) at Good to Eat in Emeryville, CA - $1000  *Enrollment ends February 25th, 2024

Learn more about the classes here! 

How do WSET and SSA differ? Which is better for you?

Both programs offer a strong overview of sake basics: sake making, production methods, sake styles/profiles, etc. Each course also has its own unique tasting method and will make you a much better sake taster. The way they differ: SSA is more service-oriented: focusing on history, culture, serving etiquette and food pairing. If your goal is to become more skilled at understanding, presenting and serving sake, SSA is the place to start. WSET focuses more on brewing methods, production choices, regionality, and diverse styles in greater detail. If you are looking for a deeper dive into the elements of sake making, how production choices affect the finished product, the sake industry as a whole, and one of the most challenging advanced sake certifications in the world, WSET may be right for you.
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