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January Store Tastings – Sake Tengoku – Choryo “Tarusake Day” – Nova Sake

January Store Tastings – Sake Tengoku – Choryo “Tarusake Day” – Nova Sake

WHEN: Sat, Jan. 20th from 2:00-4:00pm

WHERE: True Sake 556 Hayes Street

WHAT: Importer Sake Tengoku will be pouring several of their exceptional portfolio brews.

Come say hello to Todd Eng and enjoy a showcasing of some of Sake Tengoku’s super star brews that we sell at True Sake – look for hitters from Tsurunoe Brewery (makers of Aizu Chujo) and Shuho Sake Brewery, and remember that every sake you taste you can purchase at a discount. 


WHEN: Fri, Jan. 26th from 4:00-6:00pm

WHERE: True Sake 556 Hayes Street

WHAT: Choryo Sake Brewery will celebrate “Taru Sake Day”

We love Choryo and so do all the customers who enjoy “cedar sake.” Choryo makes the best cedar or taruzake in the industry and they have declared January 26th to be Taru Sake Day at True Sake. So come taste killer cedar sake. They might even be giving away Choryo Brewery keepsakes. A great way to spend a Friday night! 

WHEN: Sat, Jan. 27th from 2:00-4:00PM

WHERE: True Sake 556 Hayes Street

WHAT: Nova Brewing Co. from Los Angeles County will be pouring several of their high-end unpasteurized brews. 

Meet the makers, James Jin and Emiko Tanabe! Come say hello to the folks who are putting the C in Craft sake from the LA area.

James Jin and his partner Emiko Tanabe met while studying to get their Sake Sommelier certifications at Sake School of America located in Downtown Los Angeles. They both had a lot of interest in sake and as a Japanese native, Emiko was more interested in promoting Japanese foods and culture, while James was more interested in how rice and water turns into this beautiful beverage known as sake. 

James went to Japan and got trained at Inaba Shuzo in Ibaraki, Japan while Emiko stayed in the US, purchased an old winery/brewery and took over the operations. We grew from brewing small batches with only one person (James) to a team of 3 constantly brewing large batches weekly while improving efficiency and quality over the past 4 years. 

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