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Beau Zone Layer – Oze no Yukidoke Aiyama Koshu

Beau Zone Layer – Oze no Yukidoke Aiyama Koshu

Gunma Prefecture

Aged Junmai Daiginjo

SMV: -1 Acidity: 1.4


Say hello to a “Gateway” sake that should not be missed by any sake fan and those learning to love this ancient libation. Take a yummy Junmai Daiginjo then age it for over 6 years, and voila one of the best tasting sake that you will ever try. When the sake is chilled it drinks round and like a very relaxed Junmai Daiginjo. Then as it warms the aging (koshu) qualities start to emerge, and makes this brew a classic gateway sake for those who are interested in tasting aged sake. To the pros this drinks like an elegant koshu that is not too beefy, sweet, and robust. To the newbies you’ll love how this brew opens up and gets a little toasted flavor, a little smoky flavor, and has a ton of complexity that drinks rich but light. If you’re ready to start your aged sake pilgrimage this Oze is for you! 

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