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Sake Events – SAKE DAY’21 Tix On Sale Now!

Sake Events – SAKE DAY’21 Tix On Sale Now!

This is the classic Good News Bad News and Good News scenario. The great news is that SAKE DAY’ 21 – the 16th Anniversary – is on for Saturday September 25th at Hotel Kabuki in Japantown with 100% of all ticket proceeds going directly to the JCCCNC “Center.” 

The good news is that tickets went on sale July 1st and we have already sold 1/3rd of all the tickets for this amazing event. And now the bad news, sadly the Early Bird tickets have sold out. But wait! Here is more good news. Matt Okada from the “Center” has given us a code to give to you most special True Sake Newsletter readers a chance at a discounted priced ticket by using the CODE: tsnewsletter. 


We are getting an amazing response from our tremendous vendors who are very excited to share a ton of new sakes to the Bay Area. As usual we get 100% participation from importers and distributors, which is pretty incredible for an industry event. This is a testimony to how inclusive and special SAKE DAY is and we are incredibly proud of the fact that the sake industry comes together to celebrate this ancient libation in the very modern Hotel Kabuki setting. 

Speaking of Hotel Kabuki we also have a special room rate for guests of SAKE DAY, but act quickly because the rate goes up closer to the event. 



Featured breweries have been committed including Izumibashi from Kanagawa Prefecture. Meet brewery rep Kayoko Abe who will be pouring a stellar line up of their dragonfly inspired brews including several offerings that are not yet registered in the US. Likewise meet and interact with several famous local craft sake makers including Jake and Noriko Myrick from Sequoia Sake and Yoshi and Lani Sako from Den Sake Brewery. 

And reintroduce yourself to David Sakamoto, who is not only a SAKE DAY veteran, but is now an importer – Jizake Quest - of some killer brews from Japan. David said he will throw down Miyagi prefecture’s Kanbai Shuzo makers of Miyankanbai, Niigata Prefecture’s Koshimeijo Shuzo makers of Yamashiroya, Aomori Prefecture’s Hachinohe Shuzo makers of Mutsu Hassen, and lastly Niigata Prefecture’s Taiyo Shuzo makers of Taiyozakari. 

Get your tickets now and remember SAKE DAY always sells out.

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