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In-Store Tasting Events – July 18th, Narutotai, July 20th Yaegaki, Aug 3rd Dassai Blue

In-Store Tasting Events – July 18th, Narutotai, July 20th Yaegaki, Aug 3rd Dassai Blue

WHAT: Narutotai Tasting

WHEN: Thursday, July, 18th; 4:00 – 6:00PM

WHERE: True Sake 556 Hayes Street

WHO: Meet the Toji of Naruotai

Meet Motoko Matsuura who is the Toji of the infamous Red Snapper can! Get the chance to taste other Narutotai lineups 


WHAT: Hyogo’s Traditionally Famous Yaegaki Brewery

WHEN: Saturday, July 20th; 2:00 – 4:00pm

WHERE: True Sake 556 Hayes Street

WHO: Ms. Momoka Orime; Yaegaki Sales and Marketing

This is one of if not our first sake-poured-three-ways tasting at the new store. Enjoy a really tasty Junmai Ginjo that is served cold, room temperature, and warmed. (ABV: 16% / SMV: -5) Brewed from 100% Omachi rice, this Junmai Ginjo is fruity on the nose with the aroma of raisin and the gentle flavor of Muscat grapes. It strikes a harmonious balance between sweetness and acidity, offering a smooth mouthfeel.

"Yaegaki" was founded in Hyogo Prefecture in 1666. The name was inspired by a poem depicting Susanoo (the god of seas and storms), protecting his home and newly-wed wife with layered clouds, symbolized as eightfold fences, or Yaegaki. Yaegaki utilizes this name as a symbol of celebration and joy that sake can bring to people's lives.


WHAT: “Dassai Blue” Tasting

WHEN: Saturday, Aug 3rd; 2:00 – 4:00PM

WHERE: True Sake 556 Hayes Street

WHO: Meet Dassai Representative Masayo Kobayashi. Free sake tasting for 21+ with ID

Did you miss the Dassai Blue Launch at True Sake in May? Masayo san is visiting San Francisco again! Here's your chance to taste Dassai Blue and learn more about the new brewery.

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