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Seasonal Sake - Summer Nama Drop

Seasonal Sake - Summer Nama Drop

Boom! That's the sound of the Summer Nama drop that just hit the store. Yes, we have officially entered into yet another "season" to drop sake in its freshest and most pure form straight from the brewery to you.

We have old favorites and some new faces for you to get your summer started with a clean, light, and somewhat dry collection of brews that drink as if they were made for hot pool days and even warmer dinner evenings.

Shop Summer Drops!

And yes we have a ton of brands to choose from, so many that we haven't even been able to get the reviews out! Bear with us or call the store to figure out which Summer sake would make your summer more ricey and fun!

Or do what a lot of retail shoppers do - just select the sake by how cute the label looks, and we guarantee the sake drinks better than it looks!

(Ps to make room for these summer namas we have discounted the last of the spring namas which still drink very well!)
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