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SAKE DAY – Tickets Are Now “SOLD OUT”

SAKE DAY – Tickets Are Now “SOLD OUT”

You were warned! You were double dog-dare warned! And you we warned again! 

Did you listen? Did you hesitate? Did you become “that guy”? 

Yes, you terrific SAKE DAY lovers basically set a new record for selling SAKE DAY’24 “The 19th Anniversary” out in less than a month! The “Early Bird” tickets sold out in 51 minutes and now this! The entire event is SOLD OUT! 

Congratulations to the Director of SAKE DAY Mei Ho, and to Lori Matoba from the JCCCNC, who do all of the heavy lifting for ticket sales, and of course are the beneficiaries of all of the ticket sales. (Last year all of the ticket proceeds netted $50,000 and went directly to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California – this year should be more!)

This event is so popular now amongst the sake community that all of the vendor tables have been snapped up! We have a huge waiting list for extra tables, which means that there are some breweries that we simply cannot offer a table to and that breaks our hearts! Mei does an amazing job of allocating tables, which also means she takes all of the heat when those brewers, importers, and distributors take their time replying to her request and end up out in the cold. (Next year don’t be those people ok?) 

Lastly, as Lori and Mei are very smart, they knew that we would sell out of tickets quickly, so they held back a certain amount of tickets that they will release on August 1st @ 9am PST. So, for those of you True Sake Newsletter Readers and friends of True Sake who didn’t act in time you may get a second chance to attend the longest standing, most Internationally recognized, and largest “Nihonshu no Hi” sake day celebration in and outside of Japan. There is no doubt that we have the legacy and chops to claim that we are #1! We are, you are, and isn’t SAKE DAY Awesome? 

Keep reading the Newsletter
 for more information and some great teasers for the event to help plan your attack for over 350 sakes to choose from. And also learn who was selected as the 2024 International Sake Soul of the Year Award winner via our social media outlets. This person embodies all things International Sake and will make the 19th Anniversary of SAKE DAY an even better event! Who is it? Stay tuned! 
Follow @sakedaysf Instagram and be on the lookout on how you could win SAKE DAY tickets.

Last Chance for Tickets, Aug 1st @ 9am PST

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