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True Sake Newsletter No. 239 🎆July Sake Explosion Without Losing a Finger ⛵

True Sake Newsletter No. 239 🎆July Sake Explosion Without Losing a Finger ⛵

Welcome to the 239th Issue of America’s sake-centric Newsletter. In this dead of summer, action packed issue, read it and weep as SAKE DAY’24 is SOLD OUT, get your American-Made Dassai Blue on and learn that it was 20 years ago when Dassai-shacho visited True Sake before they even started exporting, say hello to our outstanding TRUE SAKE SELECTION (Exclusive) Koueigiku Hello Omachi from Saga Prefecture, learn what in-store tastings are happening in July at True Sake, check out the cool New Store Arrivals with two UPDATED brew reviews, Taste with KJ and see how Koshu sake goes with pâté and ankimo, go Beau-Zoning with a sake that epitomizes Yamagata Prefecture Sake and has an Ode to Ricky Bobby, join our amazing True Sake Team and get to hang with the best in the biz, and don’t forget the Secret Word.


SAKE DAY – SAKE DAY 2024 Tickets Are Now On Sale

Sake Expressions – Dassai Blue Is Ready For You!

Sake Exclusives – “Hello! Koueigiku Omachi” Is a True Sake Exclusive

Seasonal Sake - Summer Nama Drop

In-Store Tastings – July 18th, Narutotai, July 20th Yaegaki, Aug 3rd Dassai Blue

New Store Arrivals – Kid Sparkling, Tengumai, Daishichi, Kid Summer, Suehiro

Taste with KJ – “Koshu Sake Takes On Pâté and Ankimo”

The “Beau-Zone Layer” – Takenotsuyu Hakuro Suishu “Winter Water”


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