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Sake Events – SAKE DAY’20 Canceled

Sake Events – SAKE DAY’20 Canceled

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” – Roy Disney

Damn! We have to cancel SAKE DAY 2020 the 15th Anniversary of SAKE DAY. I do not have to explain the reasoning because you’re probably wearing a facemask as you read this! It sucks and that’s all I can say. Like Roy Disney said, we value our sake brewers traveling from Japan, and our amazing guests too much to put them in an unsafe situation. Although things are still unclear for what will transpire in September we do not have enough safe information to keep the event on the books.


The City of San Francisco and The Hotel Kabuki do not have a clear vision of what is happening down the road and we cannot, in good conscience, ask people to travel to San Francisco and gather in a room with 1,000 or 500 or even 250 guests.

It’s sad indeed, but we have had to cancel SAKE DAY one other time in its glorious past. One year, way back in the beginning of this excellent sake adventure, I had to cancel SAKE DAY on account of emergency hernia surgery.  Ha! This one, however, hurts even more because I know the industry counts on SAKE DAY to promote and advocate for sake in the US market. Our SAKE DAY event has become bigger than all of the Nihonshu no hi events in Japan. And we really wanted to give a hurting industry here in the Bay Area a real shot in the arm in the fall, by having a SAKE DAY that inspires and brings hope. We will have to think of another way to provide that shot in the arm so stayed tuned.


2020 you suck!

But let’s look forward

Circle your calendar for SAKE DAY’21 on Saturday September 25th 2021 at Hotel Kabuki. We will all be a year older and wiser and hopefully healthier. 



Saturday September 25th 2021  

Hotel Kabuki San Francisco


I would like to remind everybody that all of the ticket proceeds for SAKE DAY go directly to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (JCCCNC) and this cancelation albeit hard on you is VERY hard on the “Center.” We miss a wonderful day of sake exploration, but they will be missing out on a large portion of funding that helps go to their daily operations, which are so needed and necessary now for many in SF.


Please consider donating to the Center and you will be keeping that SAKE DAY fire burning bright.


Here is Matt Okada – Director of Special Events and Communications JCCCNC


"The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California (the Center) would like to thank True Sake and Beau Timken for their generosity and support.  All SAKE DAY ticket proceeds since 2010 have gone towards supporting our organization and mission, of promoting and preserving Japanese and Japanese American culture.  We would also like to thank the many SAKE DAY attendees, brewers, distributors and volunteers for supporting this event and making it a great event every year.  If you would like to support the Center by making a tax deductible donation please visit our website at www.jcccnc.orgWe'll see you in 2021!"


Wait! There’s more! If you make a donation to the Center, Matt will send you a special code that will give you 20% off of your entire next purchase at! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Here's how it works:

  • Click on the Donate button below
  • Make sure to type "SAKE DAY" in the comment box
  • JCCCNC will contact you with the promo code



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