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Beau-Zone Layer – Kid “Agara no Tade Sodateta” 80

Beau-Zone Layer – Kid “Agara no Tade Sodateta” 80

Wakayama Prefecture 
SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A

Sake breweries are like a team or a club. And as customers it’s always cool when the brewery let’s you in their club. Heiwa Shuzo is not only a cult brewery, they are a club too and this sake is your admission to the club. In one sense this Junmai is a “project” sake, and in another sense it is a “pride” sake. Wakayama Prefecture is not known for Yamadanishiki brewing rice per se, but this sake is made with “Our” Yamadanishiki that is grown right at the brewery and taken care of by the kurabito. The “Club” aspect of this sake is literally on the label, as they document in photographs the rice as it is planted, grown, harvested, and brewed all in a time line showing many of the kurabito working. You literally get to see the team in action. The second “Cult” aspect of this brew is that they mill this team grown Yamadanishiki to 80%, so you get to taste a more ricey and umami driven form of Yamadanishiki. And it’s all “Agara” – ours! This sake is very limited as you can imagine, so if you want to taste teamwork and pride in action then give this Junmai a try. 

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