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Sake Campaigns – The JETRO #supportsake Community Build

Sake Campaigns – The JETRO #supportsake Community Build

We would like to introduce a new program by JETRO who are working to spread the word of Sake. Please take a moment to read what they have to say:

What is the Sake Community #SupportSake?

 is a community of sake fans in North America that began last year in October with the goal of supporting the sake breweries while enjoying the sake in order to preserve the rich history and diversity of sake that has continued for hundreds of years and pass it onto the next generation.




Forty years ago, Japan was home to approximately 2,500 sake breweries. Today, that number has declined to 1,164, primarily due to a shrinking domestic market and a lack of successors to carry on the tradition. If this trend continues, the rich diversity of sake is at risk. To combat this, we launched #SupportSAKE, a fan community dedicated to revitalizing interest in sake by creating more opportunities to appreciate and enjoy it in the United States.

Your follow will help sake breweries in Japan!


#SupportSAKE is an open community for sake enthusiasts, including those who make sake, those who sell it, and those who want to try it. We share information about sake-related campaigns and events, primarily through Instagram.

By following and participating in @SupportSAKE, you can stay updated on sake tasting events and campaigns. Additionally, by using the #SupportSAKE tag to share how you enjoy sake, you can discover what other sake fans are pairing with their drinks and exchange sake recommendations. We encourage you to share your favorite sake and recommended pairings with us!



Let's enjoy and support Sake together!


SupportSAKE also runs campaigns with exciting prizes. From February to March this year, we held a "Seafood X Sake" Instagram photo submission campaign, offering grand prizes such as airline tickets to Japan. The winners of this campaign were honored at the Support SAKE Award, where they and other sake enthusiasts were invited to a live broadcast with a Japanese sake brewery, sake tastings, and a special pairing menu.

We have various campaigns and events planned for the future, so please follow @SupportSAKE and stay tuned for updates! Let’s celebrate sake and spread the word about its excellence!

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