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True ZOOM – May 31st Beau Timken Sake Power Hour

True ZOOM – May 31st Beau Timken Sake Power Hour

In an effort to help promote sake and expand the sake market in the United States JETRO SF (Japanese Export and Trade Organization) has teamed up with select American sake professionals to create a Zoom Program Sake Event Series. 

Beau Timken Featuring Tamagawa and Kenbishi

May 31st 2022

From 6-7PM PST

(Click Here For Event Info Page)


Please join the 1st Event of the Series featuring Beau Timken, who will be discussing two dynamic sake, Tamagawa Heirloom Yamahai Genshu “Red Label” and Kenbishi “Kuromatsu” Honjozo, both legendary brews from two legendary makers on May 31st

In advance of the program attendees may go online to order these two sake at at a discount using the sales Code: BEAU2BREW

To enhance the tasting experience Beau has put together suggested food pairing/snack recommendations that can be obtained locally for each attendee.

Selected Food Pairing Items:

Green olives, meat sticks, smoked meats and cheeses, fried chicken, burgers, Yakitori, grilled fish, bar snacks/potato chips/peanuts, pizza, tacos, meatball sandwich, pork chops, and kale chips. 

Please Click On The Zoom Link To Attend:
Meeting ID: 863 6749 5519
Passcode: 921398

Two of the most famous Brewing Prefectures in One Special Sake Power Hour!

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