Product Image Chiyomusubi Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sorah “Beautiful Aurora"

Chiyomusubi Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sorah “Beautiful AuroraSP25 "Chiyomusubi Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sorah “Beautiful Aurora"

The nose on this sparkling sake that uses the technique of secondary fermentation is a gentle collection of yeast, rice, white grape, and mineral aromas. Unlike other sparkling sake Sorah is filtered to remove extra rice particles and makes for a cleaner and tighter sparkling sake. As such it is very “Brute-like” and drinks dry with a gentle richness that has a touch of savory elements to it. Sorah is definitely ricey and does not drink fruity, sweet, or goopey, which makes it very good in a champagne flute drinking like your favorite tight bubbled Brute. There is a welcoming hint of creaminess and some dried apple elements, but the strength is in the Tottori sourced rice, which drinks dry, lively, and very well-balanced. A perfect sake to celebrate happy times and good fortune. It’s Japanese “Champagne” at it’s finest! WORD: Dry WINE: Sparkling Wines BEER: Crisp dry ales FOODS: Champagne Fare.

Prefecture: Tottori

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