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Hojo Biden Yamahai Junmai "Pastoral Beauty"

brown sugar, burnt vanilla, silky.
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this Yamahai sake made with Yamadanishiki brewing rice is a wicked collection of butter, honey nuts, forest floor, grains, and fig aromas. Talk about a soft and flavorful brew that has a ton of flavors, but drinks light and smooth. Rich, round, velvety, layered, slick and almost watery, this is one of those "feels good tastes good" brews that does well at three temperatures. Look for honey, burnt vanilla, flan, nougat, brown sugar, pecan, and cocoa flavors that turn into raisin and fig licks when warmed. This is a food pairing buddy brew, for sure. WORD: Silky WINE: Rich Reds/Honey Whites BEER: Honey Ales FOODS: Rich cuisines, grilled mackerel, miso-based dishes, spicy hot pots, international spice, and street eats.