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Kamoizumi Aged Namazume "Red Maple"

port and sherry fans rejoice!
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Size: 720ml

This is straight up a “different sort of sake.” A two year aged “fresh” sake doesn’t make sense. But, the result is a uniquely flavored brew that is extremely tasty, and is an all-together different sake experience. The nose is a great collection of dried fruit, honey, citrus, and musky elements. Fat and gooey, this brew has a rich honey characteristic that speaks to "after dinner" drink fans. Is it complex or quaffable? Or is it both? Look for sweet honey, tangerine, and raisin flavors on a smoky fluid that is sort of a condensed Nama flow. Port and Sherry fans rejoice! WORD: Rich WINE: Port/Sherry BEER: Sweet Ales FOODS: Meat and game, hugely flavored fare, cheese plates and cigars! (2012)