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Seikyo Omachi Junmai Ginjo Nama "Mirror of Truth"

Junmai Ginjo Nama
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Size: 720ml

*NOTE: This sake is unpasteurized. We can ship unpasteurized sake, however it is at the customer's discretion. It's best to avoid shipping unpasteurized sake during extremely hot summers or freezing cold winters. When completing a purchase of unpasteurized sake from True Sake, you are giving us the OK to ship unpasteurized sake to you. Feel free to call or email us if you have more questions. 

The nose on this seasonally released unpasteurized sake is a great collection of watermelon, grape, apple, pear, mango, kale, and citrus aromas. Made with Omachi brewing rice this popular Nama is drinking a little more light and gentle than releases past. Semi-thick, round, soft, clean, smooth and light look for an array of flavors such as watermelon, apple, mango, fruit custard, Clementine, and lemon lime soda. There is a pretty cool hidden savory layer that might be the Omachi with a slightly peppery finish. A good brew to pair with your light and refreshing summer dishes. WORD: Soft WINE: Gentle Reds/Light Whites BEER: Light Beer FOODS: Subtle seafood, clean grilled items, oysters with lemon, and salads. (2022)


The nose on this seasonally released unpasteurized sake is a glorious collection of green apple, pear, citrus, and fresh cut grasses. Woot! What a great Nama to enjoy this summer. This is not a simple sake, rather it’s simply delicious, and it’s made with the Omachi rice varietal. Which gives it more body and confidence. Rich, round, plump, smooth with a little tingle, this brew drinks juicy and slippery. Look for fruit forward flavors such as pear, apple, melon, dragon fruit, mango, and grape. Fun and lively sake that does well chilled to cold in a white wine glass. There is not a lot of Omachi Nama available in the US, so this is a great sake to explore. WORD: Smooth WINE: Pinot Noir/Fat Whites BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: sushi, sashimi, seafood, shellfish, cheese plates, grilled fare, some international spice. (2021)