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Tamagawa Yamahai Junmai Muroka Nama Genshu "White Label"

spastic, fantastic, massive.
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Size: 720ml

This unpasteurized and wild yeasty sake is one for the masculine ages. Made by the Brit Philip Harper, this sake is quite frankly a flavor bomb. The nose is a crazy collection of leather, sour lemon, cooked chestnuts, cream, and dark chocolate aromas. Is that all? Ha! This brew drinks like a flavor hand-grenade going off in your palate. I have never used the word “balanced” when describing a sake with a 22% ABV. It is spastic and fantastic – a massive sake that has sweet and sour tones that include a punchy citrus layer that just keeps on building. Great body that is thick and chewy, with tangles of flavor like a thorny thicket. This brew is not for the faint of heart! Should be called White Flag. WORD: Massive WINE: Huge Reds BEER: Stouts galore FOODS: It’s a meal in a glass!