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Isojiman Tokubetsu Junmai "Omachi 53"

clean, bucket list, professional.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this updated fan favorite brew is a gentle collection of pear, cooked apples, cream, nougat, and steamed rice aromas. Say hello to one of our favorite brews that has been Tokubetsu-d aka “specialized” to a new milling rate of 53% for their Akaiwa Omachi rice and using their special house yeast called Isojiman New-5-1. In a word, this is a professional sake through and through, and it will astound the sake aficionados, and will be a very welcome drinking experience for new sake drinkers. Dry, clean, smooth, gentle, round, lush and layered, this is a rich sake that drinks more smooth than full-bodied. Basically, this takes Omachi to a new amazing level of scope and balance with a flavor field that is not like your typical fruity brew. Look for sweet rice, nougat, cooked apples, powdered sugar, butter, ocean water, and a whole lot of umami, on a full-bodied flow that is buoyant and soft. This is one of those Bucket List Brews that every True Sake fan should taste. WORD: Smooth WINE: Velvety Reds/Full Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Seafood, grilled fare, salty and savory, meats, game, stews. (Omachi 53, 2022)

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The nose on this sake from one of our favorite breweries is a stellar collection of butternut, beets, green beans, minerals, and rich rice aromas. This is a professional sake personified, and if you are following the path of the rice varietal called Omachi, it’s important to try this awesome version. Ripe, full-bodied, rich, and frisky, look for lots of flavors from honeydew melon, white grape, crisp apple, young pear, and a heaping helping of umami qualities. It is a very layered brew that has vocal rice tones on a savory flow that thickens as it warms in the glass. Rich and zesty in a single glass is a great accomplishment, and this sake will win you over on the palate. WORD: Rich WINE: Complex Reds/Zesty Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Grilled fare and anything from the barbeque, and anything on a stick. (Omachi 55)