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Meibo Yowano Tsuki Junmai Ginjo "Midnight Moon"

for ginjo lovers.
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Size: 500ml

This is a very consistent flavorful, light, and smooth type of Ginjo. The nose is full of vanilla and melon. The first sip shines of a well-built Ginjo. The sake has a smooth start and an equally smooth finish, with a middle made up of melon and citrus undertones. It is very well balanced and literally slides on the tongue. The viscosity spells a fruity type flavor, but the taste is refreshingly dry. In sailing terms, this Ginjo is even-keeled and the proof is in the easy and refreshing nature of each sip. Very user friendly for Ginjo lovers. WORD: Cantaloupe WINE: Gewurztraminer/Sauvignon Blanc BEER: Hefeweizen/Honey Ales FOODS: Omelets, fish mousses, oysters with vinaigrette, fried scampi.