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The Blues - Six Great Sakes in Blue Bottles

Okay Okay Okay! We get it! Sake is not only an amazing beverage, but it is also packaged incredibly well. This kit features sakes that not only drink superbly, but look that way too! Can you say “gift giving”? As retailers we have watched customers select sakes by looks alone, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. Why? Because we select sakes by how they taste, and not how they look, so anything that looks awesome is simply a bonus.


If it looks great on the outside then rest assured it drinks even better on the inside. “The Blues” is actually a misnomer because these beautiful bottles will raise your spirts and catch you by surprise. And of course they make for excellent gifts. Yes, sake makes and excellent gift even for those folks who actually do have the blues! 


JH23 – Kirizan “Flying Horse”: This is a very clean and ricy Junmai in a very cool round and plump bottle.


JG01 – Meibo Yowano Tsuki “Midnight Moon”: This blue bottle holds a very delicious and balanced Junmai Ginjo.


JG09 – Mizunoshirabe “Sound of Water”: This frosted blue bottle is filled with a very like-water sake that is soft and clean.


JG21 – Fukuju Mikagego "Happy Brewery": This extremely fruity and fun Junmai Ginjo is all about cobalt.


DG11 – Born “Wing of Japan”: This superb Junmai Daiginjo was served to the Imperial Family in that blue bottle.


DG30 – Shirataki Jozen “Blue”: This very clean and pristine Junmai Daiginjo is actually called “Blue” for its beveled bottle.

  • Kirinzan Junmai "Flying Horse"

    Kirinzan Junmai "Flying Horse"


    Talk about a beautiful bottle, well this Junmai drinks as great as it looks! The nose on this prototypical “neutral” sake (Not too fruity not too d...

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  • Meibo Yowano Tsuki Junmai Ginjo "Midnight Moon"

    Meibo Yowano Tsuki Junmai Ginjo "Midnight Moon"

    for ginjo lovers.

    This is a very consistent flavorful, light and smooth type of Ginjo. The nose is full of vanilla and melon, and the first sip shines of a well-buil...

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  • Mizunoshirabe Ginjo "Sound Of Water"

    Mizunoshirabe Ginjo "Sound Of Water"


    "Sound of Water" has a really superb nose filled with hints of peaches, grapes, and persimmons with an undercurrent of minerals and green grasses. ...

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  • Born Nihon no Tsubasa Aged Junmai Daiginjo "Wing of Japan"

    Born Nihon no Tsubasa Aged Junmai Daiginjo "Wing of Japan"

    Aged Junmai Daiginjo

    This expressive Daiginjo has been aged for over two years and has a nose filled with cherries, red grapes, yellow peppers and iceberg lettuce. Simp...

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  • Shirataki Jozen Junmai Daiginjo "Indigo"

    Shirataki Jozen Junmai Daiginjo "Indigo"

    Junmai Daiginjo
    from $16.00

    The aroma field on this extremely elegant and tasty Daiginjo is an array of grapefruit, melon, cooked pear, banana, and oatmeal elements. This sake...

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  • Shirataki Junmai Daiginjo "Seven"

    Shirataki Junmai Daiginjo "Seven"

    legendary, exceptional, stunning.

    The nose on this “Gift from Niigata” is an amazing array of melon, rock sugar, lilies, orange sherbert, lychee, ginger, and coconut aromas. Made wi...

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