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Kudoki Jozu Junmai Ginjo "Pick-Up Artist"

rice and water masterpiece.
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Size: 720ml
A great name and a great nose on this sake with hints of pear, apple, and purple plum aromas. Ahhhhh! A brew that gets it. A terrific feeling sake that fills the mouth with fat and gooey flavors, but stays super smooth. The brilliant acidity balancing act takes the sweetness out of the gambit of fruit flavors including pineapple and mango. Plump and complex, this sexy beast is layered and luxurious with attitude and swagger. Drink closer to room temp if you want even more fruit tones, but chilled is happening. WORD: Vivacious WINE: French Pinot Noir/French Chardonnay BEER: Deep Belgians FOODS: Oily and grilled fare, sushi, shellfish.