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Born Junmai Daiginjo "Gold"

stellar, smooth, gentle.
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Size: 720ml

A great Daiginjo from a brewery known for making Daiginjo sake. "Gold" has an elegant nose comprised of green apple, sweet rice, plum skin, and peach aromas. What do you call a sake that is complex enough for the pros, and drinkable enough for the newbies? You call it Gold! Add some tremendous packaging, and you get a stellar sake with layers of smooth and even fruit tones ranging from grapes and pears, to apple sauce and a hint of citrus. Behold, a peek-a-boo vein of vanilla on a fluid flow that has far more personality in a smaller glass. A larger glass makes this easy-drinking sake even easier. If you have a hard time with alcohol elements in a sake, then this Daiginjo is for you, as there is no alcohol twang. Truly Gold in a glass! WORD: Gentle WINE: Smooth Reds/ Round Whites BEER: Clean Ales FOODS: Cuisines with gentle attitude and subtle complexities, from exotic flavors or everyday fare.