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Daisekkei Muku no Sake Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu

creamy, round, spring seasonal release.

*NOTE: This sake is unpasteurized. We can ship unpasteurized sake, however it is at the customer's discretion. It's best to avoid shipping unpasteurized sake during extremely hot summers or freezing cold winters. When completing a purchase of unpasteurized sake from True Sake, you are giving us the OK to ship unpasteurized sake to you. Feel free to call or email us if you have more questions.

The nose on this seasonally released unpasteurized sake is a lively “Nama” nose filled with cranberry, strawberry, green grasses, green apple, sweet rice, kiwi, and lime aromas. This is a two-fer Nama that is bright and zesty upfront then morphs into a creamy and round brew in the glass and that is pretty damn cool! Light, clean, crisp, soft, and tingly with a touch of shibumi (astringency) the flow is fresh and fun. Look for mango, cream, powder sugar, Key lime pie, peach syrup, cocoa, cereal milk, and sweet rice flavors that drink softer as the fluid warms in the glass. A very interesting Spring Nama that drinks to the season. WORD: Round WINE: Soft Reds/Creamy Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Pub fare, grilled, salty and savory cuisine. (2023)