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Daishichi Kimoto Junmai Umeshu

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Title: 720ml

To create the perfect umeshu, we experimented with a variety of Brewery styles. Finally we decided to use undiluted Junmai sake, brewed with the traditional Kimoto method, Daishichi's unique specialism, which guarantees a generous umami. In this sake, we have steeped top quality Nanko plus from Japan's main ume growing region of Kishu(Wakayama). Thanks to this lavish production method, we have produced an unrivaled plum sake of the highest quality, with a rich, mellow flavor and velvety smoothness. Through the use of the most appropriate sake type, Junmai Kimoto, we have been able to bring out the natural deliciousness of the plums, with the superior balance between sourness and sweetness. Enjoy this luxurious product after dinner with the dessert or  serve as an aperitif. 

-Daishichi Sake Brewery