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Fuku Chitose Yamahai Junmai "Happy Owl"

smoky, roasted, earthy.
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Size: 720ml

Talk about a Yamahai nose! Sniff around for earthy, yeasty, stinky cheese, citrus, muddy, and wet wool aromas. Typically, a sake with this type of nose drinks big and beefy, and you cannot drink too much. But "Happy Owl" is different. It has huge flavors, but it is not too musky or immense to drink. Thus, this is a great Yamahai to try for the experience of tasting a smoky and roasted brew that drinks more smooth and round. The huge upfront flavor splash features earthy, nougat, maple syrup, coffee, and nutty expressions that slide into a clean finish. How did they do that? Big flavor with a subtle back! Wow! This is like a Yamahai Lite! Great for warming. WORD: Flavorful WINE: Zins and Big Reds BEER: Stouts FOODS: Big flavorful cuisines, cured meats and cheeses.