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Gokyo Kioke Zukuri Kimoto Junmai

Kimoto Junmai

The nose on this traditionally made sake is a vast collection of black cherry, vanilla, cedar, spices, corn, graham cracker, and honey aromas. Typically most sake is fermented in stainless steel or enamel brewing vats. Kioke sake is a throwback technique to ferment in wooden vats. Said to be more difficult to get even fermentation in wooden vats, these type of sake offer different flavors and feelings with this “less control.” Say hello to this very light Kioke with hints of gentle sweetness and a slippery flow. Smooth, light, silky, juicy and wet, this brew drinks water like. Look for apple pie, raisin, sweet nuts, black pepper, cream, spiced rum, and a vein of cedar flavors on a slippery fluid. This is a great sake to learn the Kioke way! WORD: Woody WINE: Light Reds/Spicy Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Chicken, burgers, cooked fish, and Izakaya fare.