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Heiwa Shuzo KID Hiyaoroshi Junmai Ginjo

Junmai Ginjo
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The nose on this seasonally released single-pasteurized brew is a mild collection of apple, mineral, pear, and sweet rice aromas. It’s Fall again so it’s time for KID’s new world old-school offering for the autumn seasonal foods with fatty fish and rich dishes. In a word, it is a fruity Hiyaoroshi in a world where they typically drink savory and rich. But this brew is rich; fruity rich with loads of fruit flavors that are relaxed in the glass and give off a smooth and round personality. It’s a very enjoyable sake that appeals to all sake drinkers. Look for cherry, pear, raspberry, peach, pomegranate, plum, and citrus flavors that tingle around with a tasty cooked apple finish. As the fluid warms more umami appears and the brew gets more lush. Fleshy and fruity this KID is dying to meet your favorite Autumn cuisines. WORD: Fruity WINE: Rich Reds/Deep Whites BEER: Fruity Ales FOODS: Fall fatty fare with richness and complexity. (2021)


The nose on this Fall Draft sake called Hiyaoroshi (only pasteurized once) is a cool collection of apricot, nectarine, steamed rice, banana, and rice pudding aromas. This is the first time that we have offered Kid Hiyaoroshi (Take that 2020!) to our Fall Draft collection and we are really glad it’s here. What a sake! Round, soft, and with a gentle richness this sake is smooth and has mature fruit tones and lots of umami. Look for rich fruit, ripe apple, apple pie, apricot, blueberry, grape, banana, and rice pudding flavors. Using the Gohyakumangoku rice varietal brings out a richness and complexity that is delicious and the elevated acidity is great for pairing with Autumn food flavors. This is a fruity brewery’s version of a Hiyaoroshi sake, which translates to a rich fruit brew that is very fun to warm as a unique banana quality emerges. Very happy for this Kid! WORD: Gentle Rich WINE: Pinot Noir/Fruity Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Fall flavors, fatty fish, game, fowl, complex dishes, creamy pasta (2020)