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Izumibashi Junmai Daiginjo Umeshu "Yamada Jyuro"

connoisseur, complex, premium.
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Size: 500ml

The nose on this plum sake that is made with “premium” sake is a vast collection of plum, brown sugar, honey, and applesauce aromas. It’s been said that this plum sake is the Dom Pérignon of Umeshu, because it is made with Junmai Daiginjo sake, which is pretty special. This is connoisseur plum sake at its best... complex, sophisticated, and very flavorful. It is not your overly sweet Umeshu. Rather it is tart, brisk, and very confident, with an elegant touch of sourness. Look for upfront plum, followed by brown sugar, cooked apple, and honey flavors on a rich and round flow. A great gifting Umeshu, and also don’t forget to gift yourself if you want to experience high-end plum loveliness. WORD: Premium FOODS: Meat, game, smoked meats, cheese plates, smoked fish, pork chops.