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Kamikokoro Umakuchi Hiyaoroshi

Junmai Ginjo Genshu
The nose on this seasonally released Fall Draft sake is a great collection of cream, melon, peppermint, sugar, mineral, cinnamon, and milky aromas. Say hello to a 1st time in the US Hiyaoroshi that knocks it out of the flavor park. Round, layered, full-bodied fun that drinks rich and flavorful with a ton of umami. Look for hints of dark honey, cooked apples, cinnamon, pear tart with spices, melon, sweet soy, dark chocolate, and a touch of mint. This a great feeling sake that is velvety but also airy and is very impactful with a seasonal richness that is similar to an umami-Cinnabon. Full-bodied and fleshy, this new arrival should not be missed, and don’t forget to let it warm in the glass or get to the point directly by warming it! WORD: Rich WINE: Deep Round Reds/Fleshy Whites BEER: Creamy Belgian Ales FOODS: Super food friendly, rich pastas, grilled anything, International spice, fatty fish, game, fowl, and Thanksgiving dinner.