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Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo “Eau Du Désir”

山田錦 rice, impeccably balanced.
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Size: 720ml
Thank your lucky stars sake drinkers, because Kuheiji is back in the US market. The nose on this “old school/new school” brew is a very interesting collection of strawberry, apple, sweet rice, blueberry, mineral, and banana bread aromas. Wait wha? "Old school/new school?" First, this incredibly well-known brewery was founded in 1647, and second, it was crafty enough to start making sake in a unique way that created an almost effervescent type of drinking experience. They became a cult–like brewery held in the highest regards of sake making. They also stress a domain-style of sake making similar to the wine world. In a word, Kuheiji is trendsetting sake that is not to be missed. Spritzy, lively, and zesty, this brew drinks with upfront flavor, impact and has a controlled outstanding finish. Clean and crisp, juicy and imaginative, balanced and controlled. This sake has an amazing flavor field of berries, apple, sweet bread, melon, oatmeal, rock sugar, and apple pie tones. Kuheiji is such a lovely drinking experience, because it is round and balanced. This highlights the third major component in sake making - great rice, great water, and great balance. There are a lot of copycat breweries out there these days making sake similar to Kuheiji. But what is missing in their efforts can be found in this Junmai Daiginjo - impeccable balance. It is sake for the soul. WORD: Trendsetting WINE: Deep Pinot Noir/French Chardonnay BEER: Rich Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, pastas, grilled fish and chicken, cheese plates, elegant appetizers.