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Kawatsuru Junmai "Crane of Paradise"

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The nose on this brew made with Yamadanishiki is a gentle collection of pear, apple, honey, and steamed rice. There is not a lot of sake from Kagawa so this sake does this small production area proud. Of course it’s a tribute brew to the local river cranes that symbolize longevity! And who doesn’t want sake longevity? Rich, round, bright with a hint of tingle this brew is smooth with a good solid structure that appeals to big backbone wine drinkers. Look for sweet tea, mint, apple, honeydew melon, white peach, berries, and stone fruit flavors that glide with confidence and a little zesty play. The label is old school, but this drinks like a new school Junmai with a spritziness, solid body, and a little weight to the brew. WORD: Longevity WINE: Deep Reds/Bright Whites BEER: Zesty Ales FOODS: Salty and savory, Izakaya fare, grilled chicken and fish, sushi, vinegar based fare.