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Kawatsuru Junmai "Crane of Paradise"


ABOUT THE SAKE: Kawatsuru translates to “river crane” and comes from the sighting of a crane in the river behind the brewery. Crane of Paradise is described as “umakuchi,” a combination between sweet, dry and umami flavors. The perfect summertime sip!

TASTING NOTES & FOOD PAIRING: Juicy notes of grapefruit and freshly cut grass, with a hint of salted pineapple. Crisp, dry finish with an almost effervescent energy behind it.

Try with Pizza with prosciutto/speck or smoked salmon with cream cheese.

KAWATSURU: Known for its rice-driven style with elegant, rich texture, Kawatsuru pays respect to the crane that symbolizes longevity and good fortune.

• The brewery president recently promoted longtime female brewery employee, Miki Fujioka, to become the toji. Miki-san is married with two young children (almost unheard of in the sake industry). She is serious, softspoken, and incredibly hardworking. Her sake is characteristically round and feminine.

-Vine Connections