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Kikuhime Daiginjo Genshu "Chrysanthemum Princess"

soft, complex, amazing.
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Size: 720ml
Some sakes are built well, and some are built like this amazing Daiginjo. With a gentle collection of cherry, sweet rice, melon, lavender, and powdered sugar aromas, this brew is a mouth-ride at its finest. Thick and chewy with a super soft texture, behold the definitive "fat" sake. There are hints of grains and steamed rice on one floor, and far more savory flavors on another. Hidden amongst it all are deep rich fruit veins that one must seek or miss altogether. Plump and rewarding, this Daiginjo has a structure like no other. Enjoy the acidity and revel in the complexity. WORD: Complex WINE: Deep reds/Fat whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Made for grilled fare and complex cuisine.