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Kubota Hekiju Junmai Daiginjo “100 Ostentatious-nesses”

ripe pear, grape, stellar.
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Size: 720ml

This Daiginjo is the perfect example of a Niigata-style sake known as tanrei karakuchi or light and dry. Hekijyu has nutmeg and pear on the nose, and is as smooth and clean as they come. Subtle flavors of ripe pears and grapes pervade the middle mouth, and the ending is anything but, as you will not remember swallowing. This is an ultra-popular sake in Japan, and should be tasted by all sake connoisseurs. WORD: Stellar WINE: Dry crisp whites BEER: Light Ales FOODS: Seafood pate, ankimo, cold lobster, seared albacore, and white fish sashimi.