Product Image Minakata Junmai Ginjo

Minakata Junmai GinjoJG96

Four Hot Words: Silky, Refreshing, Banana & Blueberry
The nose on this very well balanced brew is a gentle collection of steamed rice, blueberry, floral and a hint of banana aromas. This is one of those “feel good” sakes that sit so well in the palate. It’s fruity, but rich. It’s round and soft, but viscous. It’s balanced, but has a very complex impact. Yes! It’s a yes sake! Where you taste the cooked pear, blueberry and honey banana flavors, but get taken away by the feel of the plump fluid and the slow movement through the sip. Milled to 50% this sake is really a flavorful brew that would appeal to complex wine drinkers. WORD: Complex WINE: Round reds/Smooth whites BEER: Soft Belgians FOODS: Creamy dishes, cheeses, dried meats, passed appetizers. 
Prefecture: Wakayama
SMV: +2.0
Acidity: 1.3

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