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We will be closed Jan 23th. Fulfillment will continue Jan 24th.
We will be closed Jan 23th. Fulfillment will continue Jan 24th.

Minato Tsuchizaki Yamahai Nama Genshu "Harbor"

Yamahai Futsushu Nama Genshu

*NOTE: This sake is unpasteurized. We can ship unpasteurized sake, however it is at the customer's discretion. It's best to avoid shipping unpasteurized sake during extremely hot summers or freezing cold winters. When completing a purchase of unpasteurized sake from True Sake, you are giving us the OK to ship unpasteurized sake to you. Feel free to call or email us if you have more questions.

The nose on this very powerful sake that was brewed in honor of local fishermen in Akita has a nose with lots of aromas such as breakfast cereal, mushroom, oatmeal, maple syrup, marshmallow, yeast, and minerals. Say hello to “the other can sake” that is a very large and controlled brew that drinks robust, vivid, and impactful with a mineral finish. Round, juicy, and zesty, this baby packs a punch and is a favorite amongst those who like large, beefy, and expansive Nama Genshu sake. It’s raw and wild with a large flavor field that includes powder sugar, earth tones, maple syrup, warm oatmeal, cinnamon, and persimmon licks that excel in a larger glass. As this sake is made using the traditional Yamahai brewing method it boasts an elevated acidity level and has a 21% ABV, but drinks remarkably balanced for all of that vivid action. WORD: Big and Bold WINE: Massive reds/beefy whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: Heartier cuisine, meat and game, chicken, duck, turkey, burgers, tacos, and international spice dishes.