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Miroku Junmai Daiginjo

smooth, rich, perfect.
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Size: 750ml

The nose on this world-class sake that is made with Koshitenrei brewing rice is milled to 40% and has been aged for two years. In this amazing collection of caramel, butter, sweet rice, and nougat aromas. This is a once in a lifetime sake that is made by fanatics and drinks like the best dream ever. A magical sake that does so much with just a whisper and a lower alcohol percentage of 14.5%. Smooth, smooth, smooth and so rich it is like a velvet assassin that was sent to pair with French fare, game, and venison. Round and subtle with hints of Crème brûlée, wafers, cereal, steamed rice, and rich nougat. It is so well balanced that you cannot tell where the sake ends and you begin. It is a perfect brew to show you how rice can take you beyond the distance of mere grapes. Miroku furthers the dining and drinking experience, and is the flag in the ground for the betterment of sake. WORD: Perfect WINE: Deep reds/Complex whites BEER: Big smooth Belgians FOODS: French fare, venison, fowl, foie gras, exotic and premium cuisines.