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Momokawa Yuki Tora Nigori Cup “Snow Tiger”

horchata, crème brûlée, smooth.
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Size: 200ml
The nose on this cloudy sake is a gentle collection of cream, warm milk, toasted rice, and mozzarella aromas. Chewy, slippery, soft, and smooth this Snow Tiger is a great feeling brew with lots of rich and full-bodied flavors. Look for honey, condensed milk, cinnamon, horchata, crème brûlée, banana bread, and sugar flavors that fill the palate with a milky fun flow. Lightly sweet with a dry finish you should grab this Tiger by the tail. WORD: Smooth WINE: Soft reds/creamy whites. BEER: Honey ales FOODS: International Spice, street tacos and food truck fare.