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Mutsu Hassen Kijoshu

The nose on this specially made type of sake is an amazing collection of yeast, lemon peel, apple, and grapefruit aromas. Say hello to a wonderful category of sake called Kijoshu, which is essentially sake that is made with more sake in place of water during the fermentation process. Huh? Wouldn’t that make the sake super sweet and cloying? Take a sip and then listen to the resounding NO from the great brewers at the Mutsu Hassen brewery. This intriguing brew drinks bright, fruity, crisp and has a tantalizing acidity play. Zesty and tingly the fluid literally bubbles through the palate like a lesser version of soda. And get ready to get some citrus senses going as there are several versions of lemon-like flavors such as lemonade, Lemoncello, lemon sorbet, Lemonheads, and lemon honey tea as the fluid warms. Also discover crisp apple, white grape, and apricot effervescent goodness. A little more sourness emerges as the Kijoshu gets to room temperature, and a larger glass vessel like a white wine glass works best to distribute the acidity. For fun try pouring a glass and putting it in the freezer on a hot day. WORD: Dexterous WINE: Sour Reds/Crisp Whites BEER: Citrus Ales FOODS: fruit and cheese plates, shellfish, ankimo, citrus based dishes.