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Ohyama Tokubetsu Junmai NamaSE12-02

2018 - The nose on this summer released unpasteurized sake is a gentle collection of melon, grape, and sweet rice aromas. Get ready to chillax with “Big Mountain” this summer as this brew is far more gentle then in year’s past. It is a very round and smooth nama that one can almost say is easy on the palate. There are no sharp or jagged edges with this living sake, but that doesn’t mean that it is not bright. Chewy, smooth, juicy, and semi-dry there are hints of green apple and fresh pear with a very minerally over-all freshness. This is a very good introduction to unpasteurized sake, as it shows new flavor levels with a refreshing liveliness that isn’t brash or zesty. WORD: Gentle WINE: Soft reds/Minerally Whites BEER: Hefeweizen FOODS: Summer light fare, clean dishes, simple flavors.


2017- The nose on this unpasteurized, seasonally released sake is an assembly of gentle green apple, candy, sweet rice, and hint of banana aromas. Say hello to one of the best summer sake in the business! This year’s version is very soft and semi-fat with mild fruit tones that drinks very velvety, round, and flavorful. It is super smooth with a little tingle that says “nama.” Round and chewy with pear tones, red apple, and apple pie! This summer, think more mild and more yummy. WORD: Smooth WINE: Merlot/soft whites BEER: Belgian ales. FOODS: Burgers, hot dogs and buns.

Prefecture: Yamagata
SMV: -1
Acidity: 11.7

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Note: Because namas are unpasteurized, they must be kept chilled. We will only ship out these types of sake under your own risk. We highly recommend store pick-up or local delivery only which you can select when you go to checkout. All sales are final for Nama items once they leave our store.

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