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Shichi Hon Yari Hiyaoroshi "Seven Spearsmen"

ricey, umami, tannin-like dryness.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this old-school seasonally released single-pasteurized fall draft sake is a rich collection of corn, wheat toast, buttered popcorn, toasted rice, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin aromas. If you want to taste an old-school Namazume that your Mom and Dad drank, then this brew is for you, and it’s all about the rice and umaminess therein. Rich, round, crisp, solid, with a tannin-like dryness, this is red wine drinkers Hiyaoroshi sake to a “T.” Look for oatmeal, rice cracker, dried nectarine, dark chocolate, cooked pear, kale, veggie crackers, and buttered popcorn flavors that jump with a tingly acidity play, and go deep for some complex and deep old-school sake vibes. This is "sake drinkers sake" that is solid and flavorful. A refreshing change to the fruity light new-style Hiyaoroshi brews. WORD: Ricey WINE: Deep Reds/Edgy Whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS: Salty, savory, greasy, fried, rich, and comfort fare. (2023)


The nose on this Namazume (single pasteurized) Junmai is very cool collection of maple syrup, oats, wheat toast, vanilla, and peanut butter (I first for me!) aromas. I wrote in my hand notes that this is “How a full-bodied brew should be balanced!” Smooth, savory, rich and round this sake tastes like Liquid Autumn. Look for hints of steamed rice, breakfast cereal, maple syrup, and a very interesting savory chicken soup flavor. It is definitely a rich sake, but it is not bulky or bold, which speaks to the great balance. A small cup provides a unique tip of the tongue numbing sensation and a wine glass creates more lightness in the Junmai brew. It is a very nice warming sake. WORD: Rich WINE: Full-bodied Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Buttery Ales FOODS: Steaks, chops, fall fowl, fatty fish, veggies. (2019)