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Shichi Hon Yari Hiyaoroshi "Seven Spearsmen"

Junmai Namazume Hiyaoroshi
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The nose on this Namazume (single pasteurized) Junmai is very cool collection of maple syrup, oats, wheat toast, vanilla, and peanut butter (I first for me!) aromas. I wrote in my hand notes that this is “How a full-bodied brew should be balanced!” Smooth, savory, rich and round this sake tastes like Liquid Autumn. Look for hints of steamed rice, breakfast cereal, maple syrup, and a very interesting savory chicken soup flavor. It is definitely a rich sake, but it is not bulky or bold, which speaks to the great balance. A small cup provides a unique tip of the tongue numbing sensation and a wine glass creates more lightness in the Junmai brew. It is a very nice warming sake. WORD: Rich WINE: Full-bodied Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Buttery Ales FOODS: Steaks, chops, fall fowl, fatty fish, veggies. (2019)


This exceptional fall draft seasonally released sake has a wonderful nose filled with nutty, ricey, toasty, earthy, and a touch of cooked apple aromas. Say hello to a really fantastic Hiyaoroshi sake that has a magic flavor that puts a smile on your Autumn face. It is liquid happiness in a glass that is smooth, rich and very expansive. Full-bodied it is layered with cooked pear flavors that are very pie-like. So think cooked pear or apple pie with hints of cedar and a mild tartness that plays so well with the acidity of the sweetness. This brew warms very nicely as even more flavors come forth. Truly a uniquely flavored sake that is basically Autumn in a bottle. WORD: Apple Pie WINE: Soft Reds/Fruity Whites BEER: Clean ales FOODS: Fall cuisine (2018)