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Takenotsuyu Hakuro Suishu Junmai Daiginjo "Winter Water"

tremendously silky.
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Size: 720ml
Bingo! One of the best noses in the sake world is filled with grape, sweet rice, ash, mineral, balsa wood, and cotton candy aromas. Welcome to liquid style! This tremendous Daiginjo is silky, plump and luscious. How can something be so watery-clean and luscious? Who knows, and who cares, because you will be amazed at how soft and elegant this semi-sweet brew drinks. There are mild fruit tones including pear and apple, and these are enhanced in a larger glass. So clean and no aftertaste, must be the awesome water! WORD: Juicy WINE: Plump Pinot Noir/Chardonnay BEER: Honey Ales FOODS: Think cuisines that have natural sweetness, shellfish, avocados, and pastas that are clean and savory.