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Tamagawa Junmai Kimoto "Time Machine"

Junmai Kimoto

New Time Machine with a lower alc %

Previously at 14%-15%. Now at 11%. Beau's review coming soon!


How would you like to taste a sake that was made the way they did in 1712? This brew is your sake education in liquid form. It has a nose filled with aged honey, old lemons, musky leather, soy sauce, and maple syrup aromas. This lesson in sake is a lesson in flavor and feeling. Enjoy the rich and umami-filled experience that is rice and water in historical fashion. So fat it flops into the glass when you pour it. Chewy and viscous and so much umami that it over-rides the deep rich sweet fruit tones. A mid-sized glass works best for this unique drinking experience. WORD: Historical WINE: Dessert Wines BEER: Sweet Ales FOODS: Think cheese plates and cured meats and cigars. (Old Review)