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Tedorigawa Tsuyusanzen Junmai Daiginjo Nama "A Thousand Drops of Dew"

ethereal, rare and/or limited.
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Size: 720ml

Limit 1 bottle per household per customer. Any attempts to obtain more than 1 bottle per household per customer will be refunded immediately. This is True Sake's attempt at letting everyone get to try Tsuyusanzen, not just collectors.

The nose on this super allocated unpasteurized premium brew is an outstanding collection of cherry, pear, lychee, strawberry, papaya, guava, sourdough, corn cereal, and a touch of cream aromas. Talk about an elegant and ethereal Nama. This sake is medium-bodied, juicy, semi-sweet, silky, crisp, soft, watery, with a gentle spritziness that really opens up in a wine glass. Look for pear, apple, melon, kumquat, grassy, cucumber, spearmint, grape, and Sprite™ flavors that roll through the palate, with a soft mineral finish. An extremely clever premium sake that works well by itself and with your favorite sushi counter. WORD: Ethereal WINE: Gentle Reds/ Mineral Whites BEER: Light Ales FOODS: Sashimi, sushi, lightly seasoned fare, caviar, tofu, grilled chicken,
poached and steamed fish.