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Tenzan Junmai Genshu "Mount Tenzan"

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Size: 720ml
This Junmai Genshu is hands down the winner of packaging in the sake world. Thankfully, what rests inside is just as cool. With a soft fruity nose of bananas and melons, this sake has an off-gold appearance. From the first big introduction, to the final goodbye, this Genshu is deep and expansive. Flavors from bananas, melons, and crushed leaves run throughout the mouth in a dry and solid transition. The viscosity and full-bodied flavor would appeal to any red wine drinker, with a taste for flavor-forward sakes that "talk-the-talk." Tenzan Sake Brewery (makers of Shichida, by the way) recommends this served chilled or on-the-rocks. We say serve cold. WORD: Well-Dressed WINE: Big Reds BEER: Stouts/Guinness FOODS: Sautéed salmon, sweet and sour pork, fried chicken, sukiyaki.